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Singing, Presence, Being

Voice, Acting, Presence Lessons with Professional Opera Singer
(Genres Classical-Pop)

Venicia has such a wonderful personality.” She organizes her lessons very well, motivates her students and gives great advice. I can recommend her only!! The trust was there immediately : ) “

My vision is to empower and to help find your authentic inner voice, whilst connecting a stable technique and all aspects of artistry and musicality through your senses.Master the presence of harmonic vocal tone through mental, physical and spiritual balance.


Student Recommendations:

Isabella- “Vocal lessons with this beautiful power woman gives you so much inspiration! She gives you such trust and comfort right away,
through the correct motivation and tips to find your unique voice and sing fundamentally. The lessons are organized and are very
competent, but are also very funny and entertaining. The first successes appear immediately after the first hour!! ”

Kurt: “Venicia Rasmussen knows entirely well, how to intently, gently and continuously build up and develop the singing voice based on the
vocal requirements and unique personal interests of her students. With her charisma, her friendly nature and her well-rounded specialist
knowledge, she motivates in a pleasant way to take up and implement the many helpful suggestions. Her enthusiasm and passion for singing encourages me as a student. She naturally inspires your inner potential, which in turn makes me aware of my progress and creates
incentives to continue to work on voice. With her scientific and beautiful comparative pictures, it makes it joyful to learn the correct
techniques. In a way that is rational to understand, it arouses interest in the physical-biological relationships of the organs involved in

With a lot of understanding she corrects where necessary, her criticism is always constructive, you can feel comfortable in all phases of the lesson. You are challenged but not overwhelmed, you feel and experience your progress in a relaxed atmosphere and after the lesson you enthusiastically start working on the vocal challenges.


Maureen: “A very talented singer with a lot of experience despite her young age. Super committed and gave me a lot of information, despite
our short teaching time. Absolutely great teacher:) ”

Jessica: “I already had several singing teachers and at some point I had the blessing of meeting dear Venicia. She is by far the greatest teacher I have ever had. Venicia has such a wonderful personality. She organizes her lessons very well, motivates her students and gives very good advice. Her strong stage and teaching advice for her age is outstanding, which no-one can compare to. I can recommend her only !! The trust was there immediately:) “

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